The Highlander Open

Competitive TF2 is coming to town!

A Highlander team is made up of nine players, each playing a different class.
Highlander is the ultimate red vs blu grudge match, bringing out the very best in the nine classes through teamwork, tactics and skill.

Want to join the fun? What are you waiting for?

Click HERE for all the deets!
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Hive365 News
Hive365 News
Schedule changes for Christmas and New Year
Posted on Monday 22nd December, 2014 by Hive365 Presenting Team
Hive365 News
Interviews with Erik, Hive365 Presenter
Posted on Thursday 11th September, 2014 by Erik
Hive365 News
Hive365 Lua Plugin Update for Garry's Mod Version 1.1 Available Now!
Posted on Tuesday 9th September, 2014 by Hive365 Tech Team
Hive365 News
First Official Lua Plugin Available Now!
Posted on Wednesday 3rd September, 2014 by Hive365 Tech Team
Hive365 News
Official Client Version Now Available!
Posted on Wednesday 3rd September, 2014 by Hive 365 Tech Team
Hive365 News
Version 3.0.3 Now Available!
Posted on Tuesday 26th August, 2014 by Hive365 Tech Team
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